Color Communication
Beautiful Professional Photography at Affordable Prices
2. Compare your chosen category to the Price List. This will tell you how much it will cost to repair your photo.
(no hidden cost, no surprises, no return postage
& 1- 8 x 10 restored photo is included).
3. Send your photo to us at the address on the
order form along with your payment.
If you are looking for something special, don’t forget to see the “Photo Manipulation” and “Backgrounds” pages.
Remember, detail areas of repair include faces, hands,
and areas were lost photographic emulsion
contained details that were essential to the photo.
Complete Money-back Guarantee
If you are not satisfied with your restoration, call us for return
instructions. We will redo your restoration or return your
payment price. (postage and handling excluded).
How to Order
Photo Restoration
To find out how much your photo restoration will cost.
1. Compare your damaged photograph with the
Restoration Sample Photos below.
Then click to that category for a more detailed comparison.

Click on a photo to see the restored image.
Click on a text link to go to a category.
Clicking on a text link above will take you to a category
to further compare your photo.
Photographic Restoration
Color Communication
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