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Welcome to Color Communication’s Web Site.

  Color Communication is a Digital Event Photography Service. Services we offer are Wedding Photography, Portraits, Church Directory, Preschool Portraits, Photo Restoration Service. We switched to digital photography in 1992 because it allows us to provide our customers faster services,  faster turn around time while still maintaining a low overhead and the high quality of service our customers have come to expect from Color Communication.
  Color Communication was established in 1973 as a Wedding and Event Photography services.  I was called to York Recording Studio in Brooklyn, NY as the Chief Staff Photographer in 1979. I stayed with York Recording Studio for 13 years. I decided to move back to Harrisburg to re-establish my Wedding, Event Photography & Restoration business in 1992.
   We have been operating a photography business for  35 years and at our   Harrisburg, PA location for 22 years.
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